Centro Punto de Luz has been hosting yoga retreats for 10 years now and my Co-Founder and I decided we did not want to just simply be in the hospitality business offering cheap holidays, but wanted to raise our profile and also, our prices, as we felt we had been working for too little money for the effort ourselves and our team put in.

Then we hired Sara as our coach, not only for the business side of things but more importantly tackling our fears around money and the fear of failure.

Sara also delved into the topic of leadership which has helped us enormously. We understood that we had to step into a leadership role to be able to make this work. Being a leader is not just about ‘managing’ our team but so much more. She made us realise that we need to also lead these guests though our week-long programme, to create their transformations.

Sara has been instrumental in showing us and training us how to get out of our minds and reducing any fears we had. We have not begun the new style of retreat yet as we begin in 2021, but we have already done and prepared the necessary to embark on this new venture, and book in the higher value, more purposeful retreats.

In fact, we invited Sara to join our team to coach the guests on our transformative retreats!

I highly recommend Sara for leadership and business coaching. There really does need to be a new paradigm of leadership in the world today. We look forward to our new venture next year with great anticipation. Many thanks Sara for all you have taught us and made us realise.