Co-Create a Culture of High Performance

How would it Affect Your Company if All Employees Acted Like Leaders?

Sara Sabin

I help you uplevel your company through optimising leadership skills. I partner with companies to create more emotionally intelligent leaders and a culture of leadership and accountability, so that people consistently perform at a higher level and take targeted action to increase team productivity and engagement. Higher performance ultimately leads to higher profitability.

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This is for …

Leaders of high-growth businesses, who have achieved success, and are ready to 10X their business, through focusing on people

Or …

Corporate Leaders and their teams,
wanting to entrench a culture of high performance

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What this will do for your company:

The world, as we know it, will never be the same. And it requires emotionally intelligent & agile leaders to guide and inspire their teams. The way we have always done things won’t cut it anymore!

That’s why I focus on helping companies evolve through optimising leadership skills for leaders and employees, resulting in them setting and hitting more audacious goals.

I’ve worked with businesses to:

  • Clarify and translate the company vision on a team level, which creates a shared philosophy to motivate employees, and a powerful message for external communication
  • Develop all aspects of emotional intelligence in leaders – a key ingredient in star performance, leading to higher productivity & ultimately profitability

  • Create the foundations of a strong company culture, allowing business longevity and profit

  • Create trackable action plans, align with personal and company goals, aid accountability, and maximise productivity.

  • Help team members develop leadership skills, innovative thinking and accountability, regardless of their level in the organisation, so employees feel compelled to bring their A-Game to work

Sara Sabin presenting

How I do it

I offer a consultation to really get to the heart of what you need, as a company, to progress. Then, I tailor an offering to suit you.

I provide one or a combination of bespoke services, including group leadership coaching, one to one executive coaching and employee group workshops, to help leaders and organisations achieve their desired results.

I use my inside out transformational coaching framework, with excellent results in planning and execution. Change starts on the inside, and we translate that to actionable steps in the outside world. My approach helps every team member to embrace the company’s vision and mission, for a happier, more productive, and effective work environment to ensure better performance.

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