Executive & Transformational Business Coach, Sara Sabin presents…

The Evolved Leader Mastermind

A 6 Month Group Journey for Entrepreneurs & Executive Leaders to Quantum Leap Leadership Skills & Business Growth & Profitability, Supercharge Their Team AND Achieve Higher Levels of Energy & Resilience


  • A high performer with super ambitious business goals but feel limited by time and energy to bring them to fruition?
  • Looking for clarity on the roadmap you need to build to scale more easily?
  • Wanting to attract and/or retain AND coach great employees who you trust to step up, lead and do what you need them to do?
  • Someone who aspires to exceptional leadership. The kind of leadership that allows your company to outperform competitors by 13x!
person running over a wet road early morning
Man sitting on rocks in water, looking towards the sun low on the horizon, contemplating
  • In professional transition and wanting CLARITY on the next level of your journey as CEO or Founder?
  • Wanting MORE productivity with LESS time and effort?
  • Wanting to approach business decisions and deal with tough situations with confidence?
  • Wanting to feel more BALANCE, so that you have the energy for work and a more fulfilled personal life and relationships?


I believe in HOLISTIC approaches.

Combining teaching, coaching and a peer community to accelerate progress.

The Evolved Leader combines a range of modalities together, including neuroscience principles for professional development, executive coaching, leadership development training, and business consulting; to get you to these incredible results.

PLUS the support of your peer group.

We rise together in community with those on a similar journey, who support and inspire us.

This is a carefully curated group of entrepreneurs.

It’s time to say YES to…

  • Top & bottom line revenue growth, higher margins, greater profitability, higher quality clients
  • Strategies, systems and processes that help you to scale
  • A team that supports you and the company better through creating more leaders and addressing skills gaps, so you can free up time to work in your Zone of Genius
  • A mindset that supports your exponential growth, rather than holds you back (and developing more positive feelings NATURALLY, without forcing)
  • Energy, fulfillment and motivation, so you can go FULL ON towards your ambitious goals, without the drain
  • Taking care of yourself and developing balance because it FEELS good AND actually makes you do BETTER at work


  • Vivek surpassed $2M in revenue in 2022 (growing from $250K revenue in 2021), and closed a contract with a massive retail brand. He is now focusing his business around the burgeoning AI space.
  • Avent, having stepped in as new CEO of her VC fund relatively recently (and secured funding for a new direction), learned how to deal with difficult people and take important decisions sooner, which made all the difference when it came to the success of the portfolio companies the fund supported.
  • Dan having achieved 40% YoY revenue growth during his tenure as CEO at SIS, decided to move on to his next big leadership adventure during the mastermind journey, having realised that alignment of Vision within a leadership team is everything.
  • Colin was running two businesses and suffering from anxiety. By virtue of getting on top of the challenges he was facing, he found a big reduction in his anxiety levels and the feeling of being able to cope with situations better. This led to greater feelings of wellbeing and his businesses soaring!
Some tangible business results that have transformed the business and put us on the path to 10X growth this year include:
Transition from the kind of clients that we were working with (too many small customers that were draining our time and energy). We strategically focused the business towards higher margin, larger enterprise customers. We are now targeting big, brand name companies and getting some traction going!

Vivek Thomas, Managing Director
After bringing SIS to 40% YoY revenue growth and realising that there was a real divergence of vision with the Board; I decided it was the right time to move on to my next leadership adventure. It was the right time for SIS to reset and find its own way, under new leadership. For me, the team spirit and culture is everything and I’m super excited to move on to my next adventure!

Dan Hannigan-Daley, CEO
Sports International Incorporated
By employing that kind of coaching mindset, as a leader, and also better questioning with customers, we get to the heart of leadership team and customer issues and challenges faster. And I find that people open up quicker as well. For example, prior to this shift in my approach, our sales calls would follow a broad framework of questions, but they never really got to the heart of the issue, which was, in our world, the visceral pain that our prospects feel. Now we do. Both externally and internally.

Ben Jones, Co-Founder & Head of Sales

What you receive

Total 3x 90 mins Live Group Coaching Sessions per Month over 6 Months (recording is available if you miss a session)

● 7x LIVE teaching Content Modules (details below)
● 6x Sessions focused on Mindset
● 6x Sessions focused on Business Strategy

Private Group Slack

● Coaching, accountability and community connection in between sessions, so that you don’t get stuck!

The Curriculum

My curriculum is a HOLISTIC approach to leadership, combining multiple modalities.

Each module contains live teaching and workbooks to guide you.

Throughout this program we will cover the following 7 modules:

Module 1 – Creating Your Business Intentionally

Setting the Foundations for the Empire you want to build. Many entrepreneurs create by accident & things start to break as they grow. Being intentional on your vision, mission and value system & communicating that to your team lays the foundations for you to scale to the next level and take you off the treadmill to focus on what’s really important.

Module 2 – Unleash Your Leadership Potential

We ask the tough questions that you are not asking yourself. We connect with the answers that help you embody your authentic leadership style. We help you to understand your core strengths and your development areas to work on, so that you can rise to a new level of leadership.

team of people

Module 3 – Building & Igniting an Unstoppable Team

You can’t scale effectively if there are skills gaps. We fill those gaps. You also need to be able to coach your team, motivate them and retain them. We look at how to develop ‘leadership’ by tapping into your team’s desires, so they are fired up to help you build your business.


Module 4 – Strategy, Systems and Processes for Growth

In order to scale with more ease, you need to do this STRATEGICALLY. We look at your business goals, the strategies you need to achieve them (sales, marketing, products/services), and the processes you need to build so that you know what needs to be done consistently and by whom.

ball of energy

Module 5 – Rewire Your Brain & Build the Mindset to Support Exponential Growth

Strategy is only part of the equation. When we change the way we see the world, the world changes. We all have beliefs, thoughts and emotions that hold us back and prevent us from thinking big. The world’s top performers have a strong mindset.

Module 6 – Replenishing energy and balance during growth & scaling

If you’re going to live in the go, go, go, then you need ways to replenish your energy. I provide practical tools, healing modalities and exercises that will help you manage your energy more effectively. We also look at health and balancing energy input into your business, so that you recognise when to slow down and when to speed up.

person with hand over their heart

BONUS Module 7 – Recognising the Role of Emotions, The Nervous System & “Upper Limiting”

If we don’t develop awareness around our emotions, they control us. It holds us back from making expansive decisions that serve our long term highest good. It leads us to self-sabotage ourselves by acting out. Rather than denying negative emotions, I show you how to acknowledge and release them, through coaching and somatic work, which will leave space for feeling good more of the time.

Here’s a recap of what you get over the course of the 6 month program:

  • 18x Group Teaching & Coaching Sessions (value $7,500)

  • 6 Months of Slack Channel coaching support (value $3,500)

  • 1x Bonus Group Teaching Session (Value: $500)

  • Total Value: $11,500

VIP Upgrade:

  • 2x 60 min Private Coaching Sessions during the Program, with Sara

  • One-to-One Private Slack & Email Access to Sara for 6 Months

  • Total Value at $5,500


Option A:

Group Program Pay In Full:
USD 6,500/GBP 5,500*

Group Program Payment Plan:
6x Monthly Payments of $1,250/GBP 1,000*

*VAT payable by UK based participants

Early Bird Discount Until 30th April:
20% Discount OR extended payment plan

Option B:

Group Program + VIP Upgrade Pay In Full:
USD 8,000/GBP 6,700*

Group Program + VIP Upgrade Payment Plan:
6x Monthly Payments of USD 1,500/GBP 1,250*

*VAT payable by UK based participants

Early Bird Discount Until 30th April:
20% Discount OR extended payment plan

“When you become a leader,
success is all about growing others”

Jack Welch


One major outcome was around dealing with  difficult people. I really took a lot away from the group. It also coincided with me having to deal with an issue within one of the portfolio companies in our group. And I started discussions around it, which really helped, because it was at a time when that situation was live and was real.  I was able to really take action to save one of the portfolio companies that I was dealing with, that was for the better.

Avent Bezuidenhoudt, CEO
Earth Capital
Having focus and support, I’ve solved problems that have enabled both my businesses to progress quickly to the next stage. My businesses are flying!

Colin Towers
CEO of Towers Associates
Sara asked questions that dug deep into what truly mattered to me, and helped align my actions to my goals better. She helped me grow as a professional and more deeply as a human.

Zeshan Qu’reshi
Paediatrician & Entrepreneur
Video Testimonial Vivek Thomas
Video Testimonial Ben Jones
Video Testimonial Avent Bezuidenhout
Sara Sabin

Sara Sabin is an Executive & Transformational Business Coach

Why me?

I know this…

The clients that resonate with me, my approach, and put the work in through the challenges, get results.
AND their resilience improves. Significantly.

The truth I discovered is that hitting your goals and making money does not necessarily mean that you know how to do it in an optimal way.

We forget that for our companies to thrive and reach their potential, we need to be thriving too.

We need to be doing things in the right way.

Looking at the right metrics.

After near burnout as a start-up founder, all the sacrifice, all the hard work;

I know the importance of taking care of the inner world (i.e. mindset, emotions etc); as well as focusing on the right key strategies externally.
I know the importance of coaching + business knowledge/context applied together.

I became obsessed with helping myself and my clients unlock the keys to quantum leap their business success.

Rapid acceleration requires vision, strategy, a strong intention, a laser sharp clarity of what you want to create, and a focus on energy, emotions and mindset.

I use a variety of modalities together to get my clients the results they want.

Not every coach…

  • Has 10 years experience in the corporate world as a tax accountant and leading a team in a Multi-Family Office looking after a portfolio of high net worth families.
  • 5 years experience as a start-up founder, co-founder and entrepreneur
  • A decade of experience leading teams
  • ICF certified transformational coach and business consultant; and trained in Neuroscience for Professional Development
  • I sniff out blind spots and expose them – I KNOW what’s blocking leaders and holding them back, and I can see what to do about it
  • I have spent much of my life battling anxiety, depression, and emotional avoidance, and know the power of leaning into the pain to transform your life (and business)
  • I created a six figure coaching business in year 2 of my business
  • I am no stranger to burnout and have done a lot of work to stop the ‘boom and bust’ cycles
I know the limitations of applying strategy alone, without coaching to support the change.
My biggest business breakthroughs have come after near breakdowns, challenges and inner work.
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