My latest article for Entrepreneur Magazine:

All of us seem to be getting busier and busier. Despite technology meaning that many of the things that used to take up time in our lives are now more easily accessible than ever, we still continue to be busy. The words “I’m busy” are used like a badge of honor. If you’re not busy, you’re being lazy, and laziness is the very antithesis of what an entrepreneur is meant to stand for. Chronic busyness is one of the only addictions in the Western world that people celebrate. It’s associated with importance, drive and achievement.

Success coach Steve Chandler wrote in his book Shift Your Mind, Shift the World about busyness being laziness. Being too busy is not the optimal state. It is quite simply an indication of a state of chaos, not a state of focus. Let’s not forget, focus is the optimal state to get things done effectively. By focusing on the meaningful things we need to do — and doing those well — we actually achieve more and, in the process, simplify our lives.

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