How are you going to be
an EXTRAORDINARY executive leader
in the new world of work?

We are living in unprecedented times. The world today is increasing in volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. EXPONENTIALLY.

We need to transform the way we lead and meet the way the world actually works today. We need to leave behind the old mindset, principles, actions and practices that don’t work so well today, to rise to the next level. Our response to leadership cannot be to just do more of the same because ‘that’s the way it’s always been’.

The most successful people and businesses in the world recognise the need to continuously adapt and innovate, to stay relevant in the long term. The modern leader must consistently learn and grow.

We need a strong vision and purpose to get us to where we need to be, and we must be flexible and agile to get there – radically agile to keep up with the pace of change.

Constant change is here to stay, as we have seen throughout the course of 2020 and with the exponentially changing pace of technology.

Why settle for growing incrementally,
when you could grow exponentially?

You’re here because …

It is time to achieve even more, not by doing more, but by doing things differently.

You want to be a truly remarkable leader and co-create a mission-driven team, dedicated to consistently performing higher.

You’re the Founder or Executive of a successful business with a growing team. You want to 10X your current level of success, to get to the next level, through developing your human potential.

You want to develop a style of leadership that will allow you and your team to build a ‘future intelligent’ business, ensuring that you are still relevant in 5-10 years’ time.

You are a Leader in a growing company, who wants to develop CLARITY on what you want in your career and your authentic style of leadership that will serve and inspire you to higher levels of performance and satisfaction.

Working with Sara turned out to be a great decision. She works hard to understand who you are as a human being, not just as a leader, and I would recommend Sara without hesitation.

Dave Anthony, Producer of Call of Duty Black Ops and CEO of Deviation Games
Sara really helped me focus on and get the important stuff done! We can now see where we’re going, and we’re all working hard to get there. I would definitely recommend Sara!

Max Hayden, CEO
I now believe I have what it takes to be a great leader. My confidence has improved, and I’m better able to connect and judge each situation with more clarity. Highly recommend Sara!

Matthew O. Fisch, VP Sales
Advisory Board Member, CICL
Sara’s unique approach allowed me to take a deep look at what motivates me. I now have clarity on where I am headed in my life and career. I would thoroughly recommend Sara.

Richard Francis
Global CFO
Having focus and support, I’ve solved problems that have enabled both my businesses to progress quickly to the next stage. My businesses are flying!

Colin Towers
CEO of Towers Associates
Working with Sara turned out to be a great decision. She works hard to understand who you are as a human being, not just as a leader, and I would recommend Sara without hesitation.

Scott Oleson, CEO
Analytics Computers
Some tangible business results that have transformed the business and put us on the path to 10X growth this year include:
Transition from the kind of clients that we were working with (too many small customers that were draining our time and energy). We strategically focused the business towards higher margin, larger enterprise customers. We are now targeting big, brand name companies and getting some traction going!

Vivek Thomas, Managing Director
I had the confidence and the belief in myself to put a whole new strategy and vision together for the company, to build a team around me and to get their support and buy in. To deliver the pitch…. And to win support and significant funding for it!

Avent Bezuidenhoudt, CEO
Earth Capital
She consistently provided sage advice, which always brought the most important items into focus and drove me to be a better leader. By working with her, myself and my organization were able to successfully navigate really sizeable challenges, which once we got through have led to 40% YoY revenue growth (to $3.5m), a more scalable plan for future growth, all the while retaining all of our key contributors. I doubt I would have stayed let alone my whole team if it wasn’t for Sara.

Dan Hannigan-Daley, CEO
Sports Info Solutions
Sara really helped me focus on and diversify the business. I was able to understand, at any one time, what were the most important activities to make progress!

Julian Barker, CEO
Taking our team and company from good to great and Sara helped set us on the path to do that!

Robert Woolgar, CEO
Growler Energy
I have been positively surprised about how Sara helped us “address the elephant in the room” and helped us have much needed discussions, as a team, which sometimes have been difficult. We have much better clarity of what we are and who we are as a company and how we’re contributing well or not well to the business, the individual role we’re playing and most of all,  the common goal we want to achieve together. 

Hans Elmegaard
Sara gets the business world and gets the coaching world. One of my tangible highlights was stopping always chasing revenue growth (something that has been a really difficult thing to change). And a refocus towards profitability, rather than chasing revenue, that was really useful to me, because that was part of my real growth through this process.

Zhagum Arshad, CEO
Loft25 Group

If you are ready to 10X Results you’re in the right place …

  • Develop all aspects of your emotional intelligence, as a leader, a key ingredient in star leadership performance and success.

  • Develop complete clarity and vision about what you want to achieve as a leader, and your bigger career purpose.

  • Lead with more authenticity, impact, and energy, allowing you to inspire your team towards the ‘collective win’, where everyone rises up to the mission together.

  • Leave behind the ‘old’ leadership mindsets and clarify and embody the identity of the truly remarkable, agile leader that you desire to be.

  • Build a culture of leadership, adaptability, and accountability, allowing business longevity, innovation, and ultimately greater profit.
  • Create the mindset for success, so that you manage fear, stress and anxiety around change, and do not let uncertainty hold you back.
  • Learn how to maximise productivity and create space, by identifying and focusing on the RIGHT things that create maximum impact.

This is next generation leadership, for an exponentially changing business world. It is necessary to create a business that is relevant in the next 5-10 years. Come what may.

“Great leaders don’t create followers.
They create more leaders.”

Robert Glazer

How It Works

I work with Executives on a one-to-one basis and in a group setting with Executive Leadership teams.

I created a coaching framework that covers both INSIDE and OUTSIDE actions. Because from experience, one of these by itself, is not enough to create MAXIMUM results.

My coaching solutions are tailored to the company. To discover whether we are a good fit, I invite you to fill out a short questionnaire. 

I review all the applications personally to assess preliminary suitability and then, I will be in touch to book a Discovery Call.

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