In August of 2020 I had been searching for a personal business consultant when I received a contact request from Sara.  After speaking with her and interviewing other consultants I made the decision to work with her.  I chose Sara because I wanted the perspective of someone who was different than mine as well as someone, I could tell would challenge my thought processes.  Thus, in September 2020 I began a yearlong consulting engagement with Sara.

I chose to renew the contract thereafter and increase the scope of the engagement to group leadership coaching and team training.

Throughout the process I have learned many things both of myself and in growing my business.  I have become more thoughtful of the process and team I lead, understand my vision of where I want to take my business and have a much better grasp on how to go about meeting business goals and objectives.  Sara helped in redefining our core values, sales process, and target market.  We have been able to begin to move upstream and diversify our client base.  During this time our staff has grown and correspondingly sales have increased by nearly 50%, and the business is more profitable.  Personally, I have learned to dedicate time to reflection.  I weekly set aside time to think, read and work on myself as an individual.

What you will find when you work with Sara.  She is direct and works with you to find the answer you are seeking; however, will not just “give” you the answers.  Sara asks for a weekly homework and assignments.  These are easily accomplished if you are good at setting goals.

Other thoughts:  write down what you talk about.  Easily said but essential as you can both review and relearn items you’ve discussed.  Read a lot.  Discuss books and listen to Sara’s perspective.  Invest the time.  The business growth and education are worth 10 times the cost of engaging with her.

Finally, don’t hesitate to work with Sara.  I do not have any reservations about recommending that you work with her.

Watch the video testimonial.