I wanted to do coaching because you do get to a point where you start to plateau. And as soon as I felt that, I thought, I’ve got to find some way of having a learning mechanism for myself to develop further.

Right from the start, I could just see that Sara gets me, understands what my pain points are, and has business experience herself. A lot of coaches that I’ve been told about or come across don’t have that. They are almost academic. And I think what I found with Sara was that she’s done all of that entrepreneur experience, and has then decided to go into coaching. Because that’s then relatable to me.

I thought we would be much more superficial in dealing with challenges and new learnings, but I found myself unearthing unexpected things. Sometimes it’s like working with a diagnostician. It was really profound to learn that these, even, childhood influences, and people around you have such a profound effect in how you see the world. And I think a lot of that is this huge, revelatory kind of moment where you’re like, “that’s why I do that. Let’s choose to do different.”

I think some of the big tangible highlights for me were stopping always chasing revenue growth (something that has been a really difficult thing to change). And a refocus towards profitability, rather than chasing revenue, that was really useful to me, because that was part of my real growth through this process.

And one of the other really big ones, I think, has been the way I coach others. So coaching other people through a lot of their issues, and a lot of my teams, I’m often spending a lot of effort coaching them. But now I have a step formula that I picked up from our work on how I do that. Whereas before, it was very haphazard. I was spending hours with different team members, and meaning well, but probably, just haphazardly trying to coach them. It saves me a lot of time, it’s appreciated, and it has really great results.

Sara gets the business world and gets the coaching world. She’s invested heavily into improving herself. So, anyone with a growth mindset will really benefit from that, because you’re pairing up, with someone who’s got a growth mindset themselves, and, and really understands that they’ve got to be building themselves up further and further. Learning never stops.

I can recommend that Sara is someone who’s able to bring the best out in people. I think that’s a natural ability. I think some people are born with it. And she’s recognized that and is able to really utilize it, in a way that relates directly to the business environment.

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