We are a smaller technology company,  and we were going through some quite big changes at the time I met Sara. And we were growing. We were changing the business model,  and pivoting. We were getting some new investors on board.  We had new people coming in.  And in a nutshell,  it was something I saw as a need of having a pillar,  some code,  connected to the founder team to help us get through these changes. It’s so easy to slip away from, I’ll say,  prioritizing our company values, during change.

I have been positively surprised about how Sara helped us “address the elephant in the room” and helped us have much needed discussions, as a team, which sometimes have been difficult. The whole purpose of this was to make our business more effective and increase collaboration across important decisions we needed to make. Sara gave really fantastic support, helping us facilitate these things and be able to to flip the coin and looking at ourselves in different ways,  both from from a weakness and strength perspectives as well. This has really helped our team cohesiveness and success.

There really was a high need for individual performance but we were often misaligned on expectations.  And because this is a multi-cultural team coming with various backgrounds and also experienced in different ways; we found that communication was often a challenge. It required additional attention to certain things and particularly in how to communicate and make decisions together when you’re working across time zones. Sara really helped us get clear on how to do this better.

We have much better clarity of what we are and who we are as a company and how we’re contributing well or not well to the business, the individual role we’re playing and most of all,  the common goal we want to achieve together.  We also know how to support each other in asking for help as well.  Asking for help is sometimes most difficult, even though this should be the most easiest part.

Sara has been a massive help for us.  And coaching is just something that’s definitely a recommendation to bring on in any company,  whether they’re bigger or small. I cannot overstate the value of having third party objective support to help us move forward as a team and as a company.

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