The timing felt right from a personal point-of-view, but also from a company point-of-view to do coaching – I had grown in the position of President and CEO over the last 3 years, at the same time as the company saw growth and stability – I kept asking myself “how do we do better”?

Sara provided a very safe place to be open, honest, and having the ability to understand the potential that exists that you might not see and how best to unlock that potential.

We are all human, and sometimes you wonder if you are providing the right supports and doing your job well enough today – self-doubt creeps in. As the company grows, you also wonder if you are the right person for the role. I learned that this is healthy, and that self-reflection and understanding limitations is important as we all grow as leaders and that help is always there for those that look for help.

There were numerous positive tangible outcomes to undertaking this coaching, but I believe the top three were:

  • Understanding the mindsets, behaviours and actions holding us back from the next level of leadership, and therefore, company success
  • Identifying skills gaps within the company that are preventing the  team from delegating properly/a roadmap to fill these AND understanding exactly how to identify what characteristics are needed in employees in different functions (rather than making blanket statements like “everyone needs to be a high performer”)
  • Understanding training that needs to be implemented and at what level for employees
  • Simplifying the Mission Statement significantly, working on messaging and identifying new company values based on what they currently do every day

The timing worked well – we had just come out of a busy year, added a new team member to the Management Team, so a non-tangible result was more a recognition of the team and recognition of the behaviors we hold (positive and negative) – it really brought together a certain mindset and one that we
look forward to sharing with the wider team.

I would 100 Percent recommend Sara as a coach

Watch the video testimonial.