I wanted to hire a coach to improve my communication and leadership skills. Working with Sara, I have learned more about my strengths and weaknesss in my leadership style, and got more clarity on areas for improvement needed to create a strong personal brand. For example, I learned that my highly competitive nature had created a strong sales track record and a great deal of success in my life, but my lack of self-awareness and of those around me was damaging relationships and impacting outcomes, and holding me back. Through coaching, I was able to come to grips with myself and my leadership style which needed to progress beyond the journey that got me to this point, in order to reach the next level. My past highly energetic and aggressive self-focused person was not creating trust and inspiring others cohesively and consistently. I needed to put aside my ego and find other personal drivers.

Great sales people often have “Grit” that is sourced deep from their childhood. They often have something to prove. Contrastingly, I realised the power of the “collective win”. Great leaders think of others winning, and moving to “we” vs just the “me.” They walk a fine balance between ultimate commitment and focus and understanding others and finding what drives them.

I now believe I have what it takes to be a great leader. Changing in my communication style is a major uplift. I am listening pro-actively and understanding better. Thus, my confidence has improved. Being more aware has also enabled me to connect better with others and judge each situation with more clarity, in order to take the best course of action.

And to top it off, I have been offered Board Advisory opportunities and consulting work as well. I would highly recommend Sara to anyone wanting to develop their leadership potential and become a highly effective and influential leader!

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