In business as in sports, having a good coach can be a game changer, which is what I got in my sessions with Sara. As I was stepping into a new role, in a new organization for me, that was due to undergo heavy change across the board with it’s fair share of challenges, Sara was a constant in my corner, helping and guiding me along the way.

I have a tendency to want to do everything quickly, see a lot of progress and act a little more on my toes which caused me a lot of frustration as my organization was transitioning and transforming slower than I’d have liked. Sara helped me slow things down, remove the frustration and generally to see the bigger picture, pull out the positives and challenge the negatives with actionable steps to break them down.

She consistently provided sage advice, which always brought the most important items into focus and drove me to be a better leader. By working with her, myself and my organization were able to successfully navigate really sizeable challenges, which once we got through have led to 40% YoY revenue growth (to $3.5m), a more scalable plan for future growth, all the while retaining all of our key contributors. I doubt I would have stayed let alone my whole team if it wasn’t for Sara.

She’ll add value for you regardless of your situation, but most definitely I cannot recommend her enough if you anticipate largescale, uncomfortable change occurring as she’ll help you stay focused on the most important things and see the change through!

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