The opportunity to do the coaching came at a time when there was already change happening within the organisation, as well as for me personally as I stepped up to a more senior position.  It was a real chance to talk through my concerns and issues around the leadership challenges and it helped me to reflect on what my personal strengths and weaknesses were – as well as learning how to play to the strengths and mitigate the weaknesses.  And to truly understand where I fitted into the leadership team and what I had to offer.

I felt that you really saw me – you took the time to see the person underneath and to draw out the good parts.  You took the time to understand my personal motivators and what made me who I am.

I learned that I truly am a leader and I do have a lot to offer.  I am not perfect but nobody is.  I can be impatient with people “not like me” and I need to learn what motivates others and how to play to their strengths.  I also learned that sometimes it is never going to work and people need to go their separate ways – and sometimes that is ok.  I do not need to do everything.  I need to learn to delegate and I need to learn patience if I am going to be an even better leader.

Some tangible results for me were having the courage to step forward and lead the company when a void opened up at the most senior level (CEO).  Having the confidence and the belief in myself to put a whole new strategy and vision together for the company, to build a team around me and to get their support and buy in.

To deliver the pitch…. And to win support and significant funding for it!

I found I had a real shift in mindset and a growing self-belief in myself and my leadership abilities, that surprised even me.  I guess it was always there but Sara brought it to the surface and magnified it.  I was able to understand my motivations and my frustrations better – to know what caused them and how to deal with them.  To look at myself and see where I could improve to become an even better leader.

I would 100% recommend Sara!  I am now finished the initial coaching period but we will be coming back to continue once the new leadership team has had the opportunity to settle in and gel.  I would like to extend the coaching to others in the team and find opportunities for us to be coached together as a team.

Watch the video testimonial.