I can’t believe it’s been 90 days and we’ve accomplished so much. Even in midst of a lot of change in my life. Sara was this constant, which was just a, a gift to me.

First I was doing parts of my business that I wasn’t happy with. I was sort of holding onto it for some time and it really wasn’t serving me, it wasn’t generating that much revenue. Sara really helped me cut that piece of my business away and really focus on the high value stuff, which started really driving in great revenue.

The second thing obviously is results. I definitely smashed my goal for monthly revenue. I’m definitely way over like four X of where I was before. And it still is trickling in and stuff is still happening as far as generating revenue and building consistency.

The third thing she actually helped me do is really price and figure out some great pricing for my program. And that was huge too. Like being more confident at delivering higher ticket and giving you perspective on that as well.

In my first 5 weeks, I generated about 13 K. Easily!

I loved Sara’s dedication and high touch approach. I’ve hired other coaches before in different areas. There was something very unique about the dedication that Sara has for her clients that’s unmatched. 100% recommended.

Watch the video testimonial.