I really loved learning from the other people in similar positions and running their own companies as well.

Sometimes listening to their issues, it was so similar. It’s issues we’re all facing in our own companies, however different the sectors are. And listening to different people provide suggestions or answers or recommendations on how to deal with things was fascinating as well. And it’s that situation where you can think about what is different to how you would do it, what’s similar, what maybe is better than how you would do it.

One major outcome was around dealing with  difficult people. I really took a lot away from the group. It also coincided with me having to deal with an issue within one of the portfolio companies in our group.

And so I was able to talk through what I was going through and get feedback from them and get a range of options. And, you know, I started discussions around it, which really helped, because it was at a time when that situation was live and was real.  Due to the support I received, I was able to really take action to save one of the portfolio companies that I was dealing with, that was for the better.

I think one thing definitely for myself, it really helped me develop my confidence in my role. It was a new role for me. And it was a step up that I was obviously a bit nervous of, wanting to get right. But you always doubt, am I doing things right? Am I doing it wrong? You know, what should I be doing better, differently, and I’m constantly overanalyzing that in myself. But actually, it did help to speak to others. And find out, despite my doubts, that actually, sometimes I did have some of the answers, and maybe I was doing okay!

I recommend the mastermind for those that want the opportunity to talk to others around them that are in similar positions. I think between the formal learning from Sara and the mentoring from and coaching from Sara, but blended in with that peer group interaction is so beneficial. And it’s quite difficult to get that.

I think to find a safe space in which you can open up and be really honest about the issues that you’re dealing with. That’s very difficult. And I think it’s something you can’t always do within your own organization.

Sometimes as CEO, I feel like I’m supposed to have the answers. I’m not supposed to show that I’m worried or nervous or scared or, you know, unsure. So actually having a space where you can go, actually, I don’t know the answers, and I am worried, was really good, which allowed me to show up as the best version of myself for my team.

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