My guide in navigating organisational change and growth!

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She consistently provided sage advice, which always brought the most important items into focus and drove me to be a better leader. By working with her, myself and my organization were able to successfully navigate really sizeable challenges, which once we got through have led to 40% YoY revenue growth (to $3.5m), a more scalable plan for future growth, all the while retaining all of our key contributors. I doubt I would have stayed let alone my whole team if it wasn’t for Sara.

I stepped up to a CEO leadership position!

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I had the confidence and the belief in myself to put a whole new strategy and vision together for the company, to build a team around me and to get their support and buy in. To deliver the pitch…. And to win support and significant funding for it!

I got back my business mojo!

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Some tangible business results that have transformed the business and put us on the path to 10X growth this year include: Transition from the kind of clients that we were working with (too many small customers that were draining our time and energy). We strategically focused the business towards higher margin, larger enterprise customers. We are now targeting big, brand name companies and getting some traction going!

An unexpected gift

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Sara asked questions that dug deep into what truly mattered to me, and helped align my actions to my goals better. She helped me grow as a professional and more deeply as a human.

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