Module 6 – Planning for Success

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Module 6 – Planning for Success This section is a continuation of your goal setting, where we get much more granular about what you want to achieve in the short and medium term. All of your goals should lay the path for you to get to your Moonshot Goal (eventually)! Start [...]

Social Media Content and How to Use it

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Social Media Content and How to Use it In this section, we are talking about ORGANIC content. I do NOT advocate sinking £thousands on ads, in the early stages of your business before you even know how to speak to your target customer. It’s a waste of money, there are other [...]

Writing for Major Publications

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Writing for Major Publications This can be a MAJOR boost for your credibility. And major publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes and The Fast Company have a HUGE readership of millions of people. This is an added bonus if you love to write (which I personally LOVE) and can even form [...]


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Networking This doesn’t mean your traditional, stuffy, awkward, horrible way of networking like we did in corporate! Find online or in-person events YOU enjoy going to. Meet people there, start conversations with them. Connect. Don’t look at everyone in there as a potential client. You’re networking to make connections, for possible [...]

Speaking Engagements For Leads

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Speaking Engagements For Leads Speaking for Leads can be a great form of External Marketing, to get in front of new prospects. The conditions behind speaking for leads being successful are: You are already an experienced speaker. This doesn't have to mean that you've spoken at hundreds of events - but [...]

Personal Reach Outs

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Personal Reach Outs Possibly the most underrated form of lead generation! It’s how I got revenue into my business very quickly! This is the foundation of every business, and something you should be doing weekly (I still do this!) Aim for 5-10 reach outs each week This could be an email, [...]

Optimising Your LinkedIn Profile and LinkedIn Outreach

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Optimising Your LinkedIn Profile and LinkedIn Outreach Personally, I LOVE LinkedIn as a way to generate high quality leads FAST. Without ever leaving the house 😊 In the early days of your business, you're going to have to actively put yourself out there to generate business and to create those predictable [...]

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