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Hey, I’m Sara.
Professional, seasoned entrepreneur,
career chameleon, and transformation expert.

I help entrepreneurs and leaders, who feel they have untapped potential, in spite of their successes so far, to transform their world from the inside out and build the mindset for success.

Making YOU and your team more resilient, effective and innovative.

So that you can uplevel your income and business impact, and become THE leader you were born to be, leading a thriving team and driving forward a successful, future intelligent business.

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How Coaching Can Help You Grow
Into What You Desire To Be

How Coaching Can Help You Grow Into What You Desire To Be

Find Your Mission

Identify the future you really want to get to (not just what you think is possible) and know where you are right now in relation to what you want.
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Find Your Mission

I help put you in touch with a dream that is so powerful that you’re inspired to go after it.
We identify the gap between where you are and where you want to be. I help clients bridge that gap, which can be far smaller than you ever imagined.

Develop The Mindset for Success

Often the ‘goals’ we have are not our own. They come from our conditioning - society, family, circumstances and our belief about what is possible for us. To live up to your potential, overcoming limiting beliefs and negative conditioning is crucial.
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Develop The Mindset for Success

Deep, 1-1 coaching peels back the layers of you, to get to what makes you feel alive at the core. It breaks down your limiting beliefs system and your hidden blocks to understand them fully, so you can begin to shift these, identify what you really truly want and achieve it. With a great mindset, what previously seemed impossible become possible.

Rapid Growth

Exponential growth – change can be slow and tough. Or it could be exactly the opposite. You can spend years floundering and then, something clicks, some new insight occurs, and everything can change in a short space of time.
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Rapid Growth

I help you ‘click’.
To live the life, you might have previously thought impossible, you have to be willing to do things differently and be open to the possibility that everything you want is closer than you think.

A New Paradigm of Leadership

If you're a leader who wants to be more effective, and build an empowering company culture that supports innovation. I help those who want to lead in a different way.Read on >>

A New Paradigm of Leadership

I help those who want to make an impact, to develop their own leadership style, and get crystal clear on their Purpose, to transform their  business and get the best out of their team. The tenets of ‘new leadership’ in my program will provide a framework, then it’s about finding who you are as a leader, a team and a business.


I’ve never had any formal executive leadership coaching. However, when Sara contacted me, I was ready to give it a shot. It turned out to be a great decision. The best thing about Sara is that she works hard to understand who you are as a human being, not just as a leader. What started out for me as a professional experiment turned into a personal journey of self discovery which has been helpful across all aspects of my life.
As a result, Sara has honed a toolbox of skills within me to help deal with a vast array of leadership challenges. I’ve made tangible changes to how I approach various aspects of my role including coaching direct reports to maximize their potential, changing the way I approach decision making and problem solving as a leader, diversifying my thinking and the team, and understanding the difference between useful and useless anxiety.
I’ve been so impressed with Sara that she is now coaching several other people within my studio and already they are seeing tangible results too. I would recommend Sara without hesitation to anyone who is looking to coach either themselves or members of their organization. She will not disappoint!
Dave Anthony, CEO, Deviation Games
We were a young but quickly growing business.  Having growing organically, we had naturally developed a strong culture and sense of purpose, but had never framed it, put it into words a developed a Vision, Purpose and Mission Statement.  Having worked in business transformation for years I knew the importance of clearly defining your vision – particularly as you’re navigating your team though big changes and growth. I needed someone external to bounce off.  Someone who I hadn’t worked with before, with a fresh pair of eyes and not from our industry.
Sara really helped me focus on and get the important stuff done!  Having a time in the diary every other week where we’d go through my actions forced me to spend time working on the business instead of in the business. She’d hold me to account – and being the type of person I am (a starter, but certainly not a finisher), I needed that most.
In my previous roles, working for larger companies and reliving large scale change, I was optimistic, confident and bullish. I learnt this wasn’t necessarily the case as a business owner.  I was behaving much more cautiously than I thought I was.  This cautious behaviour was limiting our potential. The feelings haven’t gone away, but I now recognise them and have a process to snap out of it.
Working with Sara has definitely contributed to our growth.  In figures – since we started our engagement, our run-rate revenue has doubled, our adviser headcount has doubled, and we’ve moved into a new office onsite with IBM. Over a 6 month period, we developed a clear vision, purpose and mission statement, found the confidence to grow faster (hiring more staff and investing in growth) – this was all happening, throughout the uncertainty caused by COVID.  We can now see where we’re going, and we’re all working hard to get there.  I’m now finding myself daring to dream more.
I can’t stress enough how important it is as a small business leader to have an ‘outsider’ who will challenge your thinking and push you.  Of course I know best practice, but you’d be amazed how much of that critical thinking goes out the window when you’re in the thick of it, working frantically in the business – you lose sight of the bigger picture and quickly become a busy fool. I would definitely recommend Sara!
Max Hayden, CEO, Limitless Finance

I wanted to hire a coach to improve my communication and leadership skills. Working with Sara, I have learned more about my strengths and weaknesss in my leadership style , and got more clarity on areas for improvement needed to create a strong personal brand. For example, I learned that my highly competitive nature had created a strong sales track record and a great deal of success in my life, but my lack of self-awareness and of those around me was damaging relationships and impacting outcomes, and holding me back. Through coaching, I was able to come to grips with myself and my leadership style which needed to progress beyond the journey that got me to this point, in order to reach the next level. My past highly energetic and aggressive self-focused person was not creating trust and inspiring others cohesively and consistently.  I needed to put aside my ego and find other personal drivers.

Great sales people often have “Grit” that is sourced deep from their childhood.  They often have something to prove. Contrastingly, I realised the power of the “collective win”. Great leaders think of others winning, and moving to “we” vs just the “me.”  They walk a fine balance between ultimate commitment and focus and understanding others and finding what drives them. I now believe I have what it takes to be a great leader. Changing in my communication style is a major uplift.  I am listening pro-actively and understanding better. Thus, my confidence has improved. Being more aware has also enabled me to connect better with others and judge each situation with more clarity, in order to take the best course of action. And to top it off, I have been offered Board Advisory opportunities and consulting work as well. I would highly recommend Sara to anyone wanting to develop their leadership potential and become a highly effective and influential leader!

Matthew O. Fisch, VP Sales, Advisory Board Member, CICL

Passionate would be the first thing to say about Sara. We met when I was looking for a change, I needed to change my leadership style and it helped me to build and unify a great team by learning how to lead myself and lead others. People say change is hard. I agree, but it is much easier when you have Sara as your coach. She’s been an inspiration to me and it has helped me to maximise my effectiveness. I’ve learnt more about myself and specific behaviors I needed to adjust. I’ve been fortunate to find her.

Juan Linares, CEO, Volangua and Board Advisor

Centro Punto de Luz has been hosting yoga retreats for 10 years now and my Co-Founder and I decided we did not want to just simply be in the hospitality business offering cheap holidays, but wanted to raise our profile and also, our prices, as we felt we had been working for too little money for the effort ourselves and our team put in.

Then we hired Sara as our coach, not only for the business side of things but more importantly tackling our fears around money and the fear of failure.

Sara also delved into the topic of leadership which has helped us enormously. We understood that we had to step into a leadership role to be able to make this work. Being a leader is not just about ‘managing’ our team but so much more. She made us realise that we need to also lead these guests though our week-long programme, to create their transformations.

Sara has been instrumental in showing us and training us how to get out of our minds and reducing any fears we had. We have not begun the new style of retreat yet as we begin in 2021, but we have already done and prepared the necessary to embark on this new venture, and book in the higher value, more purposeful retreats.

In fact, we invited Sara to join our team to coach the guests on our transformative retreats!

I highly recommend Sara for leadership and business coaching. There really does need to be a new paradigm of leadership in the world today. We look forward to our new venture next year with great anticipation. Many thanks Sara for all you have taught us and made us realise.

Richard Mowbray, CEO & Co-Founder, Centro Punto de Luz Retreats

I approached Sara when I realised I was at a crossroads and was not sure whether to go left, right or straight on. Sara’s unique approach allowed me to take a deep look at what motivates me and what I should avoid as well as give me some great new tools for coming to decisions in the future. We also worked through how I communicate better with the leadership team and set boundaries. I now have clarity on where I am headed in my life and career.

I will soon be starting a new CFO role and I am confident that I have chosen it for the right reasons rather than falling into it. I’m looking forward to making a big impact

I would thoroughly recommend Sara. It was time very well spent.

Richard Francis, Global CFO

I’ve just completed 3 months of transformational coaching with Sara and I can truly say, without exaggeration, that I feel inwardly transformed.

The way Sara works has enabled me to make huge changes in my mindset, thought processes and attitudes. I now feel in a position from which I can continue to change my work life and also develop and grow as a person. 3 months of work with Sara has had more impact on my life than anything else this year. Thank you Sara – you’re a fantastic coach.

Natasha Thorn, Paediatrician

Sara is passionate about the field of transformative coaching and is constantly looking for ways to serve her clients better. She combines her coaching experience and skills, in a unique way, drawing on her own transformative journey, neuroscience and psychology, as well as the inner world of intuition, thoughts and feelings; to ‘unstick’ her clients’ when they feel lost and create sustainable transformation in her clients’ career or businesses.

Dr. Lynda Shaw, Neuroscientist, Speaker & Entrepreneur

Sara has given me an unexpected gift. I’ve always followed conventional rules for success. However, something was missing. I was cynical about coaches as most just pushed generic rules on me with little thought as to who I really am. Sara challenged me. She asked uncomfortable questions that dug deep into what truly mattered to me, and how I could align my actions to these goals better. She didn’t tell me what to do, but rather she used effective strategies to bring the answers out of me. I’ve now published my 13th book, given my first TEDx talk, and am enjoying life as a doctor and entrepreneur. More broadly, I’m happier, healthier and more grounded, as she helped me grow not just as a professional, but more deeply as a human.

Zeshan Qu’reshi, Paediatrician & Entrepreneur

I really enjoyed our coaching sessions. My biggest insight was that I had in fact already identified a “big P” Purpose (when I thought I hadn’t yet) i.e. connecting people who can help each other.  As I was talking about that particular aspect with you it really got me pumped up and excited, which I haven’t felt in a long time. I now know and understand that I can build this into my current podcast series, and that I’m on the right track of discovery! Thank you!

Jeremy Cline, Private Client Lawyer

I have absolutely been knuckling down since our last coaching session – I can see clearly what needs to be done now. The coaching has had a profound effect, which has been trickling down to my subconscious. Things have become so much more clear, my relationship is going great and I feel motivated and inspired to launch my new series on how to effectively second hand clothes shop! Highly recommend Sara! She’s a brilliant coach!

Clare Edmondson, Entrepreneur, Musician & TV Presenter

I have found Sara a real pleasure to work with; she operates with genuine integrity and has a very pragmatic approach to problem solving and overcoming the challenges of early stage business growth and funding.

Julia Elliot Brown, Fundraising and Growth Advisor

Sara was extremely knowledgeable and constructive throughout the whole process, adjusting our sessions to meet my individual needs and strengthen my areas of concern. I cannot recommend her highly enough; with her guidance, I got offered a position from my first interview at a company that I am extremely excited to work for.

Dr Robbie Hamilton

Transformational Coaching

Coaching is highly personalised and is tailored precisely to your needs. I help you uncover the insights that will transform your life, giving you the tools to spur you into action and help you succeed. Improving your career, success, and life tenfold.

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