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Great Leadership in an SME Increases Profitability by $350K+.

I Help Bridge the Gap by Developing Exceptional Leaders.

Through a Tailored Blend of Coaching, Neuroscience Principles and Strategic Consulting, I Help you Develop the Skills, Focus and Teamwork Necessary to Scale Your Company Faster & Smoother

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We were able to successfully navigate sizeable challenges, which once we got through have led to 40% YoY revenue growth (to $3.5m), a more scalable plan for future growth, all the while retaining all of our key

Dan Hannigan-Daley, CEO
Sports Info Solutions

We are on the path to 10X growth as a result of working with

Vivek Thomas, Managing Director

There really was a high need for individual performance but we were often misaligned on expectations.  We found that communication was often a challenge. We learned how to work together and prioritise as a team through working with

Hans Elmegaard

Do you feel like people can be an unpredictable rollercoaster?

Are you experiencing some or all of the following?

These are some of the key symptoms that show leadership needs optimisation, to prevent it negatively impacting profitability.

  1. Lack of awareness and FOCUS on the things that move the needle now – so that can mean too much “blue sky thinking” and not enough action; unclear short/medium term priorities; lack of clarity on the vision and how that breaks down into manageable chunks; trying to do too much rather than focus.
  2. Poor accountability and execution of the things that are important and a priority.
  3. Lack of setting clear expectations of employees, including what “great work” looks like – which leads to suboptimal results and not holding people accountable.
  4. Poor team communication which can lead to in-fighting, power plays, sabotaging behaviours, inefficient working, poor accountability OR everyone on the team being too nice, and conflict avoidant!
  5. Below average productivity (due to trying to do too much instead of focusing on the right things or ”shiny object syndrome”) and therefore, poor performance.
  6. Lack of regular review and tracking of what you’re doing within the company and whether it’s working, which leads to suboptimal results

By eradicating these symptoms of non-optimal leadership, through training and development, you motivate, engage and retain your team.

I help you create Top Performing Leaders and Supercharge your Company Profitability, through a tailored blend of Coaching, Neuroscience Principles; and Strategic Consulting.

Sara Sabin

Hello, I’m Sara …

I have…

  • 10 years experience in the corporate world as a tax accountant
  • 5 years experience as a start-up founder, co-founder and entrepreneur
  • A decade of experience leading teams in start-ups, small and medium sized companies.
  • 5 years experience working with the leaders and founders of high growth SME’s, as a coach and consultant
  • Appeared as an expert contributor in industry leading publications such as Entrepreneur, Fast Company and Thrive Global
  • ICF certified transformational coach and business consultant; and trained in Neuroscience for Professional Development by the British Psychological Society.
  • I KNOW what’s blocking leaders and holding them back in their life and business, and I can see what to do about it
  • I created a six figure coaching business in year 2 of my business and am still going strong & expanding into Year 5!

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The best thing about Sara is that she works hard to understand who you are as a human being, not just as a leader. What started out for me as a professional experiment turned into a personal journey of self discovery which has been helpful across all aspects of my life.

Dave Anthony - CEO of Deviation Games (producer of the iconic Call of Duty Black Ops game)

I can’t stress enough how important it is as a small business leader to have an ‘outsider’ who will challenge your thinking and push you. Of course I know best practice, but you’d be amazed how much of that critical thinking goes out the window when you’re in the thick of it, working frantically in the business – you lose sight of the bigger picture and quickly become a busy fool. I would definitely recommend Sara!

Max Hayden - Chairman of Limitless Finance
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